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Wednesday 23 September 2020


Subject: You are well aware of the fact that in all the schools, teaching through Microsoft Teams Virtual Classes, at present, the teaching of children in schools has become irregular in the time of Covid-19.  Teachers in your district are going to school and doing home learning for all the children with / without device in their own way.  As per the instructions, Daily is also informing the parents about home learning.  Besides Std. 9-10 and Std.  For 11-12, live webcast is also being done through YouTube, Facebook, Microsoft Teams and Geo TV under "Gujarat Virtual School".  Teachers are also helping to reach all the students with its link etc.  Also through the entire education whether the students have the device under home learning?  A survey was conducted to find out and in this survey it was found that most of the students in the state are using digital devices.  The approach of the state government education department has taken many initiatives and efforts to ensure that not a single student is deprived of education during the Kovid epidemic.  As part of which, school teachers use Microsoft Teams to teach their children virtually.  User account has been created for all children and teachers studying in government and grant aided schools from 9th to 12th.  It turns out that at present only a few teachers are teaching children using Microsoft Teams.  From here on out, you are expected to conduct a virtual class through Microsoft Teams, using adequate IT materials available at the school and, if necessary, teachers using their own devices such as mobiles, tablets, laptops, etc.  You are also expected to join some classes from the district level.
    Below are guidelines for conducting online classes by Microsoft Teams. 
 1. The principal head teacher will have to prepare a weekly schedule in consultation with the school teachers to ensure that all the subjects are covered in a week. 
2. Reach out to parents and students on time and inform them of daily class in advance.  (One day before class) 
3. Every teacher in the school must take an hour of online learning through Microsoft Teams.
 4. Initially teachers can get necessary guidance from Principal / CRC / Block MIS to run the class through Microsoft teams.  
5. Provide necessary guidance or handholding to children / parents if teachers feel the need to use Microsoft Teams to participate in the class.  
6. Plan in stages when the number of classes is very small and encourage as many students as possible to join in a way 
that involves all the children in the class.  7. D.D.  Do not organize these classes during the telecast time for the relevant standard / subjects of Girnar or Gujarat Virtual School classes.  
8. Prioritize the convenience of their time so that maximum students can participate.  
9. There should be no external disturbance during class.  
10. Keep an hour duration of 30-35 minutes for elementary classes (Std. 3 to 8) and 40-45 minutes for secondary class (Std. 9 to 12).  
11. Give a break of 10-15 minutes between two consecutive hours.  
12. To encourage students to discuss in detail by making it interesting in the online class.  
13. Discuss how to use the Internet with caution with regular students to guide them towards academic activity.  
14. To improve the hour based on the comments received for immediate and continuous feedback.  
15. After completing 2-3 themes, give homework / rehearsal and take the comment related to the courses in the form of activities and review it during the discussion.  
16. Practice can be in the form of individual or group activities.  
17. Teachers can set their own criteria for tracking and monitoring. 
 18. Prepare planning before taking a class by Microsoft Teams.  
19. Use DIKSHA portal, syllabus and other online resources for lesson planning preparation.  
20. Keep a record of the number of lessons completed with the attendance of students. 
 21. Use a variety of reference study materials created by the entire Education, GCERT and Board of Secondary Education and other online resources.  
22. Students should try to give the presentation in the following format created by the teacher during the online class.  
a.  Swikes should be easy to read. 
 b.  There should be 5 bullet points / points on each page.  
c.  Maximum use of picture photos, graphs, charts.  
d.  Avoid tables if possible. 
 e.  Font size - Minimum 24 points

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