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Wednesday 10 February 2021

New update to Gboard

 New update to Gboard!  Now that the hassle of typing is over, many tasks will be easier

 Users will get this feature in Gboard very soon.  According to the report, the company has updated it to do a better job in voice typing.

Google Pixel 5 and 4 has got a new update in the voice typing feature in Gboard.  This will give users a new experience of using it.  Users will get this feature in Gboard very soon.  According to the report, the company has updated it to do a better job in voice typing.  After the new update, when users open the Gboard, a new icon will now appear on the mobile icon.  According to the report, after the new update, users will have a better experience of voice typing with the voice commands provided by Google Assistant.

 Users will save time

According to the report, with the new update in Gboard, users will be able to save maximum time in text messaging. Plus, you'll be getting rid of clutter you don't need. According to the new update, users will not only be able to direct text, but also delete the entire message via voice command.

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Many options in new updates for users

 After the new update, users will have many options in Gboard.  Users can choose these options by going to the settings of the application.  These options have been put in place to improve the experience of all users.  For example, a new auto punctuation option will be available to add punctuation when dictating.  Users will not need to type it separately for this.

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New update for fast voice typing

 In older versions of Gboard, users had to manually type these icons into a text message.  According to the report, this function will work well in Gboard after the new update.  Apart from this, this new option also matches last year's 'Fast Voice Typing', which is downloaded in offline mode and also works well.

 Let me tell you, Google Assistant and Auto Punctuation are offering this new update, which can currently be used only in Google Pixel 5 and Pixel 4 / 4a Gboard.  Because it has a new Gboard Beta (version 10.0+).

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Transferring WhatsApp chats to Telegram is very easy, it

Transferring WhatsApp chats to Telegram is very easy, it will take only a few seconds, know the way

 Telegram app lets you move old data and chats to your new app

WhatsApp has been in the spotlight for a change in its privacy policy and most Indian companies are unhappy with the decision. Probably a factor as to why they're doing so poorly. According to the report, Telegram has become the most downloaded non-gaming app in the world. It has been downloaded 63 million times. The question now is what will happen to your old WhatsApp chats. If you think that shifting to Telegram will cause you to run out of WhatsApp data, it is not, because Telegram is giving you the facility to move data from old app and chat to your new app.

 Everyone can move their chat history, which includes videos, photos and documents, from an app like WhatsApp, Line to Telegram. The best part is that this service works not only for personal chat but also for group chat. Let's find out now ...

This is how Android users move chats

 >> If you are an Android user, first open WhatsApp.

 >> Then click on Settings and select Core and Chats.

 >> Then at the bottom you are given the option of Chat History.  Tap on it, here you have to select 'Export Chat'.

 >> Then you select the chat you want to move, then select Telegram from the share menu.

 iOS users adopt this method

 >> If you are an iOS user, to move the chat from WhatsApp, first you have to open the Contact Info or Group Info page on your WhatsApp.

 >> Then tap on Export Chat there and then select Telegram in the Share menu.

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 After these simple steps, your messages and data will be viewed on your new app Telegram by date and time.  This chat will also be visible to anyone who has sent this chat.  The best part is that your moved messages and media do not block extra space.

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