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Monday 22 March 2021

Make your own ration card in minutes using these documents,

 No need to eat: Make your own ration card in minutes using these documents, know the easy process

Each state has created its own website that allows you to manually apply for a ration card in minutes from the online process.

Create this online ration card

 No need to eat any office push

 These will be the documents you need

 The government is making every effort to distribute ration cards to the poor in the country.  At this time, the government has implemented the One Nation One Card system in the country last year.  After the implementation of this scheme, a person from any state can get rations at cheap rates from anywhere in the country.  With the advent of this system, it has become necessary for people to have a ration card.

Do this using a smartphone

 You do not need to worry if you do not have a ration card yet.  You can apply for ration card online only with the help of your smartphone sitting at home.  For this, each state has created its own website.  So go to the website of the state you are going to live in and apply for a ration card.

 Who can apply for ration card?

 A person who is a citizen of India can apply for a ration card.  The names of children below 18 years of age are included in the parents' ration card.  Apart from this, children above 18 years of age can apply for a separate ration card.

This is how you can apply online

 To create a ration card, first go to your state's official website.  If you are a resident of UP, you can access and download the form.  People of Bihar can apply at and applicants from Maharashtra can apply at

 After that you click on the link Apply online for ration card.

 You can give Aadhaar card, water ID, passport, health card, driving license etc. for ID proof to make ration card.

 For ration card, the applicant has to pay a fee ranging from Rs 5 to Rs 45.  After submitting the applicant's form and Rs.

 After field verification, if you have made the right application, it will become your ration card.

 These documents will be required

ગુજરાતીમાં વાચવા માટે અહીંયા ક્લિક કરો

 You can provide Aadhar card, water ID, passport, any ID card issued by the government, health card, driving license for ID proof to make ration card.  Apart from this, documents like PAN card, passport size photo, income certificate, address certificate such as light bill, gas connection book, phone bill, bank statement or passbook are included.

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Saturday 13 March 2021

Wow! Become the owner of 17 lakh by investing only 233 rupees. This LIC scheme is very useful

 Wow!  Become the owner of 17 lakh by investing only 233 rupees. This LIC scheme is very useful

LIC often comes up with a special plan to protect its customers. Through LIC's Life Benefit Plan (LIC jeevan Labh), you can create a fund of Rs 17 lakh by investing Rs 233 per day. That is, you can become a millionaire in a few years. Let us inform you that the plans of LIC have been prepared keeping in view each category. Let us tell you about these special plans today

This plan is special for children's marriage and education

 The name of this plan is Life Benefit (936).  This is a non-linked policy.  Because of this the policy has nothing to do with the stock market.  This is a limited premium plan.  The company has made this plan for children's marriage, study and purchase of property.

>> LIC's life benefit policy offers both profit and security.

>> People between the ages of 8 to 59 can take this policy.

 >> The term of the policy can be taken from 16 to 25 years.

 >> Sum Assured of at least 2 lakh rupees will have to be taken.

 >> There is no limit to the maximum.

 >> Loan facility is also available to pay 3 years premium.

 >> The nominee gets the benefit of tax deduction on premium and the sum insured and bonus on the death of the policyholder.

What if the policyholder dies?

 If the policyholder dies during the policy term and all the premiums till death are paid, then the nominee is paid the sum insured on death, simple reversionary bonus and final addition bonus (if any) as death benefit.  This means that the nominee will receive an additional sum assured.

How will you get 17 lakh?

 Let's say that if a person chooses a 16 year term plan and 10 lakh sum assured at the age of 23, he will have to pay Rs 233 per day for 10 years.  Thus, he will have to pay a total of Rs 855107.  This amount will be paid on maturity i.e. at the age of 39, which will cost Rs. 17,13,000.

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