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Monday 12 April 2021

Now you can do Covid-19 test on your smartphone, the result will come in 55 minutes, scientists did amazing

 Now you can do Covid-19 test on your smartphone, the result will come in 55 minutes, scientists did amazing

 Regarding the new chip, it is said that it will give you accurate results in a short time.  To test the device, the researchers had to rely on the people who donated the serum.

Scientists have developed a stamp size chip that allows you to test the Covid-19 yourself.  This test can be done on your smartphone and the result will be available in just 55 minutes.  The microfluidic chip has been developed by researchers at Rice University.  The research report on this chip states that it will report the corona on your smartphone within 55 minutes via the nanobeads chip.  This process is much easier than the swab test.

 Peter Lilhose, a mechanical engineer at Rice Lab, explains how great this device is that you won't have to go to the lab for tests.  He further said that you will not need to go to any lab or any pharmacy.  The whole process will be done through one phone.

⬇️⬇️વિડીયો જેવો⬇️⬇️

Regarding the new chip, it is said that it will give you accurate results in a short time.  To test the device, researchers here had to rely on people who donated serum and who were corona positive.  A device called potentiostat is connected to the Google Pixel 2 phone which completes the test with just 230 picogram of serum.  This test is similar to the antibody test, as it also provides information about the antibody.

 Explain that a tube is used after inserting the sample on the chip.  The chip then contains a magnet that carries the serum directly to the electrochemical sensor.  Finally the chip transmits the rest of the information to the app in the phone after which the whole process is completed and finally you get the result of Corona on the smartphone.

 Explain that last year the same team teamed up with Rice University graduate students to develop a technology that could detect malaria.  So if this technology is available to most people in the future, then to some extent it will be easier for the world to stop corona because there are still many people who are not getting their quid test due to fear.

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How to listen to Gf ​​/ Bf or anyone's Call Recording in your Phone?

 How to listen to Gf ​​/ Bf or anyone's Call Recording in Phone?

Friends, today's post is going to be very important for you because today in this article we are going to tell you one such Tricks.  By which you can listen to Phone Call Recording of your Friends Girlfriend, Boyfriend, or anyone else in your Mobile.  That is, what else does your girlfriend or boyfriend talk to?  You can listen to all their call recordings in your mobile.

Many people think that how can we listen to someone's call recording in their mobile, how can this be possible?  But this is absolutely possible.  All you need is an Android Phone.  And the mobile of the person you want to hear in your mobile should also be Android.  Only then will you be able to listen to Call Recording or else you will not be able to listen.

 I had received comments from many people that my brother should tell me some tricks so that we can listen to anyone's call recording in our mobile.  So that we know that no one is cheating us.  So today in this article, how do I listen to Gf ​​/ Bf or anyone's call recording in my phone?  I am going to tell about this.  So let us take step by step information about this trick.

How to listen to someone's call in your mobile?

 To process it, you have to take the mobile of the person whose call recording you want to listen to for a while.  After that you have to download an Android App in his Mobile.  I am giving the link of this application below or you can also download this application by searching Hidden Call Recorder on Playstore.

 Download App

 After downloading this application, you have to follow some steps.  I am giving you that step below, you follow them.

 Step 1) First you have to open Hidden Call Recorder in your Mobile.

 Step 2) Next you have to click on Accept button.

Step 3) Now you will be asked for Email Id.  Remember to enter your Email Id here.  Because when that person has a call recording, it will come to your email.  After that you have to click on Next Button.  Then you have to click on Done Button.

Step 4) After this a page of Backup Service will open in front of you.

Finally: -

 I hope you can listen to today's Post Gf / Bf or anyone's Call Recording in your phone?  Would have liked  And you must have learned this well.  If you still have a problem, you can ask me by commenting below.  If possible, share this post with your friends so that they too will know about it.

 If you want to get such information first then you must subscribe to our blog.  So in today's post, that's all. See you in the next post. Thank you for that!

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An easy way to download WhatsApp video status, learn the step by step process

 An easy way to download WhatsApp video status, learn the step by step process

The trend of posting status photos and status videos on WhatsApp has increased.  These states automatically disappear after 24 hours.  If you like someone's status and want to download it, know the whole process

New Delhi, Tech Desk.  At present, the trend of posting status photos and status videos on the instant messaging app WhatsApp has increased.  This status automatically disappears after 24 hours.  In this case, if you like someone's status, and want to download that status, users will be able to get the status photo through screenshots.  But the video status of WhatsApp cannot be downloaded.  WhatsApp does not allow users to download video statuses. 

 However, just like the screenshot, there is a feature screen recording, which is usually found in all smartphones with Android 11 support, with the help of which WhatsApp videos are recorded.  But there is a problem cropping this video.  Here is the easiest way for you to download the status video.  No third party app will be required for this.

How To Download States Video

 First open the WhatsApp video status that users want to download.  Then go to your phone's file manager app.  If you do not have a file manager, you can download from the Play Store.  Go to the settings of the file manager app.  Turn on the Show hidden system files setting.  Now come to the home page of the file manager.  Go to the internal memory of the phone on the home page.  Open the Media folder of the WhatsApp folder here.

WhatsApp video status download

  All your WhatsApp statuses will appear in the Statuses folder here.  Now select the status video you want to save and copy it.  Then paste it into internal storage.  Now this file will be saved on your phone even after the status is removed.

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How to read a deleted message

 You can also read deleted WhatsApp messages, find out how

You can also do two interesting things through WhatsApp. Learn about them

New Delhi (JNN).  Leading social messaging app WhatsApp has recently released a new feature called Message Recall or 'Delete for Everyone'.  With the help of this feature, users can recall the message sent by mistake.  Even if the receiver reads the message sent from you, it can be deleted with the help of this feature.  But did you know that you can also read deleted messages from WhatsApp?  We are going to tell you how to read deleted messages in this news.

How to read a deleted message:

In addition, there are some apps that can come in handy.  We are going to tell you about Primo app through which you can chat with anyone without revealing your real number if you want.  While chatting, the person in front will see your number but that number will not be yours.

 ATMમાંથી અનોખી ચોરીનો VIDEO વાઇરલ:ગ્રાહકોના ખાતામાંથી પૈસા કપાયા, પરંતુ રોકડા નીકળ્યા નહીં; મશીન સાથે છેડછાડ કરતો ચોર CCTVમાં કેદ

 Learn step by step method:

Let me tell you that apart from smartphones, if you want to do typing on Windows 10, we are also going to tell you how. For this you have to follow the steps given below.

 1- For this, Windows 10 users have to go to start and go to settings.

 2- Next you have to click on time and language settings.

 3- Next click on Region and language. Then click on Add language.

 4- Here you will be given some options. From this you have to select Hindi.

 5- After this, click on the place where Hindi will be written below English.

 6- Here you will be given the option of option name, click on it.

 7- Then click on Add keyboard and click on Hindi India Devnagri inscript.

 8- Just now you will be able to type in Hindi in your computer. Whenever you meet Ms. If you go to Word, you have to press Shift + Alt. This will change the language of the keyboard from English to Hindi. Let me tell you that you can add any language other than Hindi in Windows 

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Forgot Phone Lock PIN or Pattern, then Unlock easily in minutes

 Forgot Phone Lock PIN or Pattern, then Unlock easily in minutes

 Here are some easy ways to unlock your smartphone in minutes if you forgot your password ...

Nowadays everyone keeps their phone locked.  Whether it's a pattern, a PIN, a fingerprint or a password, locking the phone doesn't make anyone afraid to peek.  But sometimes we forget by entering the password in our smartphone, after which we get worried about how this phone will open now.  So you don't have to worry about this because we will tell you about some easy ways that you can unlock your smartphone in minutes ...

 >>> Unlock the phone with the help of Gmail: Even after remembering the password many times in the phone, if you enter the password, it will have an option of Forgot Pattern or Forgot passwod, which you have to click.

--- Next you need to sign in with your Google Account username and password.  You can then unlock the phone by entering a new password. 

 >>> Factory Reset: One thing to keep in mind before applying this method is that you will not get the data i.e. photo and song in the phone again.  That is, if you unlock your phone in this way, all the data of the phone will be deleted.

--- So if you still want to unlock your phone using this method, turn off your phone first.  Then hold down the volume down button and the power button together for a few seconds.  After doing this for a few seconds, enter you into recovery mode.

 --- Then you have to select Yes, delete all user data, then reboot your phone this way your locked phone will be unlocked.

 >>> Through Device Manager: This method will work on the same Android devices in which Android Device Manager is active.  For this you need to go to the website of Android Device Manager and login with Google Account.

--- Note that this must be the same account that you have in the phone.  Click 'Erase' after login, which will factory reset your phone and allow you to set the password again.  But keep in mind that even with this trick all your data will be deleted.

 >>> Through Voice Assistant - there is another option besides this.  That is, if you have Google Assistant already set up in your phone and have recorded your voice, click on the 'Unlock with Voice' option.  You can now unlock the phone by saying ‘OK Google’.

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If your phone’s battery does not run much, then do this setting, it will work

 Everybody now uses smartphones instead of mobile phones. Although smartphones have more features than normal phones, but no solution has yet been found regarding their battery life. Due to multifunction, their battery runs out quickly, which keeps users worried. But there is no need to worry because we are telling you about such settings by which you can save your smartphone battery from running out quickly.

Screen timeout
Setting the screen timeout in the smartphone means that you are not using your handset. Upon making this setting, the handset’s screen automatically locks. If you do this setting in the phone, then your phone battery will not drain quickly. You can select in it yourself that the vocabulary should be turned off after seconds / minutes.

Keep GPS Off
Nowadays GPS is being used more. The location can be detected from this. If you do not use GPS, then you offer it. Due to its continuous on, it costs more than the battery of the phone.

Power saving modes
Now in most of the smartphones, the power saving mode option has started defaulting if your phone does not have the option. However, if your phone does not have this feature, download it from the Google Play Store and keep it on forever.

Original charger

When we go out somewhere, we forget to take our Charger with us, in such a situation, we charge our phone with another Charger, which ends the battery life of our phone very soon. Keep in mind that you should never charge your Smartphone with Duplicate Charger or any other Mobile Charger. Charging Point of the Mobile gets deteriorated when Charging with Duplicate Charger, and the battery soon deteriorates.

Do not use Fast Charger

In today’s time, you will find many such Fast Chargers that will make your Smartphone Full Charge in some time, but users forget that this can ruin the battery of your Smartphone, so as much as possible with such Charger Try to save your Smartphone.

Do not leave Charge at night

Being a person has made it a habit that when he sleeps at night, he leaves the phone on Charging, which keeps the phone charging all night, whereas it is better to charge the Smartphone continuously for at least 2 or 3 hours. It is, if you also leave your phone on the Charge overnight, then change this habit now so that the battery life of your Smartphone can last longer.

Avoid Full Charging

Your Smartphone should not charge 100%, this reduces your battery life, the phone should be charged up to 80% only after which the phone starts heating up and its effect on the battery’s capacity.

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Make a recording caller mic like this which is available in the market for Rs. 500 at home for only Rs. 40

 Imagine you are talking to someone, recording a song or hosting a show and in that case you cannot hear the sound clearly due to external noise.  At that time you would think that you wish you had a mic that you can use to do your job easily without any stop.  In that case you can use the caller mic.  These collar mics are available in the market at a price of Rs 300 to Rs 500.  According to a report published in Dainik Bhaskar, you can make it at home for just Rs 40.  So let’s know how you can make a caller mic at home?

 First of all you must have a soldering machine.  If you do not have a machine, you will have to spend an extra Rs 150 for it.  In addition you will need the following things ...


 The first thing is the audio cable PIN which will be available at Rs.  The second button mic which is priced at Rs.  The third tape which will be available at Rs.  Fourth, the reel box that will be available at your home.  This is followed by a small piece of velvet cloth.  You will also need a soldering machine.  After this a cutter will be needed.

 How to make a caller mic?

 1. To do this, cut a piece of reel from the top and fit the mic in it.

 2. Now cut the audio cable in the second step.  To connect the red wire above the negative point in the three wires coming out of the audio cable, you have to use a soldering machine.

 3. Now make three marks on the negative pole.

 4. Now connect the green and blue wire to the second pole of the mic.  This is called a positive pole.  Now your mic is ready.

 5. Now put the mic you made in the phone and check it.  After applying it, you will see the recording in the phone.

 6. So let us tell you the next steps.  Now pack the made mic.  For this, fix it as you fixed it in the reel box earlier.  Keep 90 percent of it inside.

 7. Now wrap the part inside the mic with cello tape and wrap it with a piece of velvet already placed on top of it and tie it with thread.  Velvet helps prevent fumbles.

 8. Now cut off the remaining extra velvet pieces around the mic.  Then add the clip to it.  After which your cheap caller mic will be ready.

 9. After connecting to the phone, you will also be able to do recording with this mic.

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Do these things when no one repays the borrowed money easily

 Love is like a loan.

 People take it but forget to give it… !!

 Yes, love is love, even in real life it must have happened to you and us that a friend took a loan but did not return it.  And no one returns the money given to anyone quickly.  He has to push hard to get his money back.

 If you give money to a special friend, then the risk of both friendship and money increases.  In such a situation, the big question is how to take back the money given to someone.

 The best way to keep reminding yourself of money is to keep reminding your acquaintances or friends that you have given money back.  If the moneylender has given you the day and time, then whatever it is, you must reach him at that time.

 After doing all this, if money still does not come in handy, then take these 5 steps, it will help you.  Usually financial experts give almost the same advice.


 No. 1 Understand the situation of the borrower

 If the loan given is not available on time, then find out the reason for not repaying the money on time from the person in front.  Try that your friend is not really in any financial problem.  If so, understand his problem, once you understand the situation, you must give him a little more time to repay the money.

 Number 2 

Count your compulsion for money

 Talk face to face with the person taking the money or meeting him.  Be sure to show a document to your friend to prove that you really need the money.

number 3 

 Give option to repay the loan

 You can also offer to return your money in installments. You can also take a post date check from him.  In normal cases, it is seen that people return the money in such situations.

 Number 4

 Include your friends and family

 Even after this, if you do not get the loan back, you should use social media.  Ask friends and relatives for re-payment.  Also give such proofs to prove that your money is not being returned even after giving time again and again.  Remember to take this step only when you are in dire need of money, as it can break your friendship or relationship.

number 5 

 Look for the legal option

 If you do not get the money even after this, know that the person in front is not in the mood to give you the money back, so you can look for a legal option as a last resort.

 But keep in mind that if you are going to do this, your friendship will be broken and money will be spent, so it is better to do any work thoughtfully and do not let things get worse.

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Thursday 8 April 2021

List of all the teams and players of IPL 2021

IPL Auction: Place of auction date, which team has how much money, list of retained-release players, find out AtoZ information of auction

IPL Auction: Place of auction date, which team has how much money, list of retained-release players, find out AtoZ information of auction

Chennai: The auction of players for the next season of the Indian Premier League (IPL 2021) is scheduled to take place tomorrow (Thursday, February 18) in Chennai.  All franchises are ready for auction.  A total of 292 players are in the fray for 61 seats this year.  Kings XI Punjab has the highest budget.  This time the base price of a total of 12 players is Rs 2 crore, which includes two Indian players.  So like every time, this time too some young players are trying their luck.  Due to Corona, a mini auction has been organized this time.  Find out all the information related to IPL auction.

 IPL 2021 Auction Live Updates

Base price of players

Base prices for uncapped players are now fixed at Rs 20, 30 and 40 lakh, while capped players are priced at Rs 5 lakh, Rs 75 lakh, Rs 1 crore, Rs 1.5 crore and Rs 2 crore respectively. Capped players are those who are playing for the country in any one of the international formats from Tests, ODIs, T20s.

The maximum and minimum number of players in a team

All franchises can have a maximum of 25 and a minimum of 18 players in their team. Any team can have a maximum of 8 foreign players. At present, Royal Challengers Bengaluru has a minimum of 14 players and Sunrisers Hyderabad has a maximum of 22 players, which means that RCB will have to buy at least 4 players in the auction. While SRH can buy a maximum of 3 players.

The highest rupee in Punjab's purse to buy players

The salary purse (budget) of the franchise in this season of IPL has remained the same as last season at Rs 85 crore, which means that the salary budget has not increased this time due to Corona, while in 2019 the budget was Rs 80 crore and in 2018 it was Rs 66 crore. This time, Punjab has the highest amount of Rs 53.20 crore to buy players. Under the rule, the minimum cost of a team should be Rs 60 crore, which means the value of the salary cap is 75 per cent.

 1. Chennai Super Kings

 Retained: MS Dhoni, Ravindra Jadeja, Suresh Raina, Faf du Plessis, Sam Karan, Dwayne Bravo, Josh Hazlewood, Lungi Angidi, Ambati Rayudu, Karna Sharma, Mitchell Sentner, Shardul Thakur, Ruturaj Gaikwad, N Jaram  KM Asif, R Sai Kishore

 Release: Piyush Chawla, Kedar Jadhav, Murali Vijay, Harbhajan Singh, Monu Kumar Singh, Shane Watson (Retired)

 The team has a balance of Rs 19.9 crore

 2. Delhi Capitals

 Retained Players: Shikhar Dhawan, Kagiso Rabada, Prithvi Shaw, Anjkiya Rahane, Rishabh Pant, Shreyas Iyer, Enrique Nortje, Marcus Stoyanis, Shimron Hatmeyer, Amit Mishra, Ishant Sharma, R Ashwin, Lalit Patel, Harsh  Awesh Khan, Praveen Dubey.

 Release: Mohit Sharma, Kimo Paul, Sandeep Lamichhane, Alex Carey, Jason Roy, Tushar Deshpande.

The team has a balance of Rs 13.4 crore

3. Mumbai Indians

 Retain: Rohit Sharma, Kieron Pollard, Hardik Pandya, Trent Bolt, Quinton Do Coke, Suryakumar Yadav, Jaspreet Bumrah, Rahul Chahar, Ishaan Kishan, Krunal Pandya, Chris Lynn, Dhawal Kulkarni, Mosin Khan, Aditya Tare, Anur Jayant Yadav, Almonpreet Singh.

 Release: Lasith Malinga, Nathan Coulter Knight, James Pattinson, Shepherd Rutherford, Michelle McLennan, Prince Balwant Rai, Digvijay Deshmukh.

 Amount due to the team: 15.35 crore

 4. Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR)

 Retain: Eoin Morgan, Andre Russell, Dinesh Karthik, Kamlesh Nagarkoti, Kuldeep Yadav, Loki Ferguson, Nitish Rana, Prasidh Krishna, Sandeep Warrior, Rinku Singh, Shivam Mavi, Shubhaman Gill, Sunil Naren, Rahul Trivarti, Pete Khan, Tim Seifert

 Release: Tom Benton, Chris Green, Nikhil Nayak, M Siddharth, Harry Garney.

 Amount due to the team: 10.75 crore

 5. Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB)

 Retained player

 Virat Kohli, AB de Villiers, Yujvendra Chahal, Devdutt Padikkal, Washington Sundar, Mohammad Siraj, Navdeep Saini, Adam Zampa, Shahbaz Ahmed, Josh Philippe

 Ken Richardson, Pawan Deshpande

 Released player

 Moin Ali, Shivam Dubey, Gurkirat Singh Mann, Aaron Finch, Chris Morris, Pawan Negi, Parthiv Patel (retired), Dale Steyn (absent), Usuru Udana, Umesh Yadav.

 The team has the remaining amount: Rs. 35.4 crore

 6. Rajasthan Royals

 Retained Players: Sanju Samson, Ben Stokes, Joffra Archer, Jose Butler, Rahul Tewatia, Jaydev Unadkat, Yashaswi Jaiswal, Rohin Uthappa, Mayank Markandey, Karthik Tyagi, Andrew Tye, Anuj Rawat, David Miller, Shreyam, David Miller Manan Vohra

 Released players: Steve Smith, Ankit Rajput, Oshane Thomas, Akash Singh, Varun Aaron, Tom Karan, Aniruddha Joshi, Shashanka Singh.

 The team has a balance of Rs 37.85 crore

 7. Kings XI Punjab

 Retained players: KL Rahul, Chris Gayle, Nicholas Pooran, Mohammad Shami, Chris Jordan, Mandeep Singh, Mayank Agarwal, Ravi Bishnoi, Prabhasimran Singh, Deepak Hooda, Sarfaraz Khan, Arshdeep Singh, Murugan Ashwin, Darshan Narkan .

 Released players: Glenn Maxwell, Sheldon Cottrell, K Gautam, Mujib Ur Rehman, Karun Nair and James Neesham.

 Amount to be spent by the team: 53.2 crore

 8. Sunrisers Hyderabad

 Retained players: David Warner, Johnny Bairstow, Ken Williamson, Abhishek Sharma, Basil Thampi, Vijay Shankar, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Manish Pandey, Mohammad Nabi, Rashid Khan, Sandeep Sharma, Shahbaz Nadeem, Shrivats Goswami, Siddharth Kulth Riddhiman Saha, Abdul Samad, Mitchell Marsh, Priyam Garg, Virat Singh.

Right to Match Card (RTM Card) can be used

Through the Right to Match card, the franchise can return its old players to the auction. For that, he will have to pay the highest bid on the player in the auction. The Rajasthan Royals, for example, have not returned Steve Smith this season. If a franchisee has placed the highest bid on him during the auction, Rajasthan can bring him to their team using the RTM card. A maximum of 5 players can be retained by the franchisee (RTM card).

England players in a slot with a base price of 20 million

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IPL 2021 Live Streaming for free with Jio , Airtel and Vodafone Idea, Check out the best Recharge Plans

 Enjoy IPL on smartphones: This plan from Geo, Vi and Airtel is getting free subscription of Disney + Hotstar VIP

This year, the Indian Premier League (IPL) will start from April 9.  Apart from TV channels, cricket fans can also watch IPL on their smartphones.  You can watch IPL on Disney + Hotstar VIP.  Geo, Vi and Airtel have launched some special plans for cricket fans.  We are telling you about this plan.

 Airtel's plan

 Rs 401 plan

 The validity of this plan is 28 days.  This plan comes with a Disney + Hotstar VIP subscription.  This plan comes with unlimited calling and 100 daily SMS.  In it you get 3GB of data every day.

 Rs 448 plan

 The Rs 448 plan offers unlimited local, STD and roaming calls.  It will get access to 3GB high speed data with Daily 100 SMS for 28 days.  The plan also comes with a Disney + Hotstar VIP subscription.

 Rs 599 plan

 The Rs 599 plan offers unlimited local, STD and roaming calls.  It will have access to 2GB high-speed data with Daily 100 SMS for 56 days.  The plan also comes with a Disney + Hotstar VIP subscription.

 Rs 2,698 plan

 The plan offers 2GB of data and unlimited voice calling per day.  Apart from that, just like the Geo pack, 100 SMS per day and one year subscription of Disney + Hotstar VIP is also given for free.  It includes Disney + Hotstar VIP subscription, Airtel Extreme Premium, Free Hello Tunes with Unlimited Change, Wink Music, Free Online Course of Shaw Academy with 1 year validity and Cashback of Rs. 100 on purchase of FASTag.

 Jio plan

 401 plan

 Geo is offering 90GB of data to its customers with a 28-day validity plan of Rs 401.  That means you will get a total of 6GB extra data per day apart from 3GB data.  This plan offers free access to Geo apps with unlimited voice calling.  In this plan, users will also get a one-year Disney + Hotstar VIP free subscription priced at Rs 399.

 Rs 598 plan

 The Rs 598 plan offers unlimited local, STD and roaming calls.  It will get 2GB of high speed data every day for 56 days with Daily 100 SMS.  The plan also comes with a Disney + Hotstar VIP subscription.

 777 plan

 In this plan, the user will get 5GB additional data along with 1.5GB high speed data per day.  That means the plan will get a total of 131GB of data and the validity of this plan is 84 days.  With this plan you will get Geo to Geo Unlimited calling, 3000 minutes for calling on other networks and 100 SMS per day.  Disney + Hotstar VIP subscription is being offered with this plan.

 2599 plan

 With a one-year validity, the plan offers free access to Geo apps with 740GB of data and unlimited voice calling for 365 days.  In this plan, users also get a free subscription to Disney + Hotstar VIP which costs Rs 399. 

 Vi's plan

 Rs 401 plan

 In the Rs 401 plan, users get unlimited voice calling, daily 3GB data, 16GB bonus data and daily 100SMS for 28 days with Disney + Hotstar VIP subscription for one year.

 Rs 601 plan

 The plan comes with a Disney + Hotstar VIP subscription for one year with unlimited voice calling for 56 days, daily 3GB data, 32GB bonus data and daily 100 SMS.

બધા પ્લાન ગુજરાતીમાં વિગતે વાંચવા માટે અહીં ક્લિક કરો. 

 801 plan

 The Rs 801 plan offers daily 3GB data + 48 GB bonus data for 84 days with Disney + Hotstar VIP subscription.  Apart from that you will also get 100 SMS per day.

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T20 Watch Live Matches 2022 || T20 LIVE || T20 Cricket Live scores

Ind vs SA: India decided to do fielding before winning Toss, the team has three changes in total

Between India and South Africa, the final match of the T20 series is played in Indore's Holker Stadium. In which Team India has decided to fly before winning toss. Total 3 has been changed in the team. Mohammed Sirajan has been taken instead of Shareus Ayiarr, Kal Rahul instead of Virat Kohli, KL Rahul. At the time of Captain Rohit Toss that Arshadip has a back pain, which is due to the rest of it.i

 In the early 2 matches, the Indian team has already been occupied on the series. If today, Team India will sweep clean to the series of three or more T20 matches in the Tax India 9th time. India has a chance to equalize five-year-old records

Learn about pitches and conditions

 Holkar is one of the smallest stadiums in the country.  The pitch there is generally flat and fours-sixes rain.  Once again a high scoring match can be seen.  There is a high chance of a deuce falling in the second innings.  So the team winning the toss can decide to field first.

 Team India has played 51 matches in all three formats of cricket this year and won 36 of them.  India is just one step away from its own record of winning most matches in a year.  In 2017, the Indian team won 37 matches out of 53 matches across all three formats.  The Australian team has the world record in this matter.  In 2003, he won 38 matches out of 47 international matches.  India have a lot of matches left this year, so it is almost certain to break Australia's record going forward.

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Tuesday 6 April 2021

SBI Service: Open Your Child's Savings Account at SBI at Home, Learn the Complete Process

 SBI Service: Open Your Child's Savings Account at SBI at Home, Learn the Complete Process

SBI launches online savings account facility with first step and first flight name

 The account also set a daily withdrawal limit for children

If you want to open your child's online account, State Bank of India (SBI), the largest government bank in the country, has come up with this facility for you. SBI has launched online facility for minors to open a savings account in the name of first step and first flight. At the same time, there is a daily withdrawal limit for children in this account. Learn how to open an account and its benefits ...

 1. First Step Savings Account

 Parents or guardians can open a joint account with minors of any age under this account.

 It can also be operated by the parent or guardian or the child himself.

 The benefits of a first step savings account

 Mobile banking facility is available on this account, in which all types of bills can be paid. It has a daily transaction limit of up to Rs 2,000.

 An ATM debit card facility is also available when opening a bank account in the name of a child. This card will be issued in the name of the minor and guardian. Up to Rs 5,000 can be withdrawn.

 The internet banking facility has a daily transaction limit of up to Rs 5,000. It allows you to submit all types of bills.

 Parents also get personal accident insurance cover.

 2. First Flight Savings Account

 This account can be signed by children above 10 years of age who can open their own account on the first flight.

 This account will be in the full name of the minor.

 They can operate alone.


 It also offers ATM debit card facility and withdrawals up to Rs 5,000 per day. It also comes with a mobile banking facility. In which up to 2000 rupees can be transferred daily.

 All types of payments can also be made with it.

 Rs 5,000 can be transferred daily to the internet banking facility.

ગુજરાતીમા વાચવા માટે અહીંયા ક્લિક કરો

 It has the same checkbook features as the first step.

 The minor does not receive any overdraft facility on the first flight.

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Sunday 4 April 2021

Gajab / 1 rupee coin will give you 10 crores! Get rich, learn how

 Gajab / 1 rupee coin will give you 10 crores!  Get rich, learn how

The central government has implemented economic changes as soon as the new financial year begins. Even if you have this 1 rupee coin in it, you will become wealthy.

1 rupee will change your destiny

 Become a millionaire sitting at home

 Earn crores of rupees by auction

this is the best chance to become a millionaire sitting at home.  this is good news for coin collectors.  because if you have a 1 rupee coin whose value is in crores then your luck can shine.

1 rupee coin from the British era

 This 1 rupee coin, which earns crores of rupees, is not insignificant.  The coin dates back to the British era, meaning it must have been minted in 1885.  The coin should have 1885 written on it.  You can get around Rs 9 crore 99 lakh by auctioning it online

 You will need to visit the OLX site to sell old coins or good

How Do Auctions

 First you have to create your own ID on OLX

 You will have to share a picture of the coin later

 After which the buyer of antique items will contact you

 Individuals living in search of old coins will offer you money and you can sell it if you think the price is right.

ગુજરાતીમા વાચવા માટે અહીંયા ક્લિક કરો

 In the same way, if you have other old-fashioned coins, you can get rich by selling them. Because there are a lot of people in the world who have a hobby of collecting antiques and can buy from people if they don't have them.

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Friday 2 April 2021

World's most expensive vegetable

 This Indian farmer is growing the world's most expensive vegetables, the price of one kilogram is one lakh rupees

 An acid is found in shoots, namely humulones and lupulones.  These acids are believed to play an effective role in killing cancer cells in the human body.

new Delhi.  The world's most expensive vegetable costs Rs 1 lakh per kg.  The world's most expensive vegetable is being produced in Aurangabad district of Bihar as a test.  The name of this vegetable is hop-shoots.  Hop-shoots were discovered in the 11th century and were then used as a flavoring agent in beer.  Subsequently, it was used as herbal medicine and gradually as vegetable.  An acid is found in shoots, namely humulones and lupulones.  These acids are believed to play an effective role in killing cancer cells in the human body.  Due to its quality, it is the most expensive vegetable in the world.

 Amresh Singh, a 38-year-old farmer from Karamdih village under the Navinagar block in Aurangabad district of Bihar, is the first farmer in India to cultivate hop-shoots.  Six years ago, he sold one kilogram of hop-shoots in the international market for 1000 pounds, which makes about one lakh rupees in Indian rupees.  This vegetable is very difficult to find in the Indian market and can be purchased only on special order.

Amresh Singh says that if Prime Minister Narendra Modi takes special steps to promote the cultivation of hop-shoots, then the income of farmers can increase by 10 times in no time.  Presently, hop-shoots are being cultivated under the supervision of Dr. Lal, an agricultural scientist from the Indian Vegetable Research Institute, Varanasi.

 Amresh told that he had brought the seeds of this vegetable from the Indian Vegetable Research Institute, Varanasi, and planted it in his field just two months ago.  He said that he is hopeful that his hard work will be successful and this will also bring a big change in farming in Bihar.

 The fruits, fruits, and stems of hop-shoots are all used to make beverages, to make beer, and to make medicines such as antibiotics.  Medicines made from this vegetable stem are also used in the treatment of TB.

 The use of hop-shoots as a herb is very popular in European countries.  Here it is used to keep the skin bright and youthful.  Antioxidants are found in abundant amounts in this vegetable.  The medicine made from hop-shoots improves the digestive system and brings relief in depression and angst.

 Hop-shoots are cultivated extensively in Britain, Germany and other European countries.  In India, its cultivation was first started in Himachal Pradesh but due to its very high price, it was discontinued due to unavailability of market.

 Amares cultivates many medicinal and aromatic plants apart from hop-shoots.  He said that in agriculture, taking risks with confidence has always been in the interest of farmers.  I have taken the risk of experimenting with the cultivation of hop-shoots in Bihar and I am confident that this will create a new history.

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Do you also wake up in the morning and check the first mobile phone? These disadvantages can happen

 Do you also wake up in the morning and check the first mobile phone?  These disadvantages can happen

Most people pick up their mobile phones after opening their eyes in the morning.  Whether the reason is to see the time, turn off the alarm or check the message or call, the hand of most people goes to the mobile first.  Mobile scrolling has become one of the habit of people.  There are some advantages of this as well as many disadvantages that people are not aware of or most do not pay attention to it.  If you also get up and do a mobile check first, then know what effect it can have on you.

 80 percent people check mobile

 A few days ago an IDC report was in discussion.  It was reported in this report that about 80 percent people check their mobile within 15 minutes of waking up in the morning.  The reality is that people are starting to get addicted to mobiles and they cannot stop themselves even if they want to.  It has a negative effect on your body and mind.

Information gets filled in the brain from the morning itself

 You do not realize this, but if you wake up first and see what you have missed or what you have to do throughout the day, then it has an effect on the mood.  Suppose you check the email of the office first and then you will feel that the day is going to be very busy.  This can increase your stress.  As soon as you wake up in the morning, you start filling your mind with information, it does not affect your mind.

 Mobile is inadvertently increasing stress

 Even if you check Instagram or Facebook, you can also be subject to negative thoughts.  Suppose someone posted a post on social media about their going around or buying a new car.  It may come to your mind why you do not have such a thing.  In such a way, you increase your stress.

 This is how you can change this habit

 Life was going on even when there were no mobiles, although now it is difficult to imagine it.  One cannot stay away from mobile for the whole day, but the habit of checking it can be changed as soon as it wakes up in the morning.  For this you can start keeping the phone away instead of placing it under the pillow or on the side table.  Try to get involved in another activity as soon as you wake up in the morning.  Get up and drink water, meditate or make good morning wishes to the family members by laughing.  By doing this for a few days, it will get into your habit.

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Today Horoscope || Aaj Ka Rashifal || Daliya Horoscope


 Positive: - Today's planet pastures and conditions will open the way for you to benefit.  All that is needed is more effort and concentration.  You will be able to gain a place in the home and society with your aptitude and skills.

 Negative: - There may be some bad news from a relative, which will make the mind upset.  Don't make any hasty or emotional decisions.  Friends and relatives may find fault with your actions

 Business: - Business activities can be a bit slow.

 Love: - There may be some differences between husband and wife regarding the arrangement of the house.

 Health: - Health can be good.


 Positive: - Today's time will be mixed fruitful.  The day will start well.  So pay special attention to your important tasks.  The cooperation of the brothers will be achieved in achieving a goal.  Students will be interested in the field of cognitive science.

 Negative: - The situation may change a bit in the afternoon.  It would seem that the situation could slip out of hand.  With patience and restraint you will overcome the problem.  You can't focus too much on home and family.

 Business: - There will be a need to make some changes in the matter of trade

 Love: - There will be a romantic relationship between husband and wife.

 Health: - There can be any kind of infection in the throat.

 Gemini: -

 Positive: - Planetary conditions are bringing a little positive change in life.  So that you will have good success.  Your activism and dominance in politics and social sphere will increase.  At the same time you will spend time on your fitness.

 Negative: - Your anger and haste will be the reason for the disruption in your work.  Overcoming your negative thoughts will be right for you.

 Occupation: - There will be proper arrangement in the work area.

 Love: - A visit with a friend of the opposite sex will refresh old memories.

 Health: - Health can be excellent

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 Positive: - The misunderstanding that has been going on with your close relatives for the last few times will be cleared up.  A new ray of hope will rise.  Disputes over property and division can be resolved through intervention.

 Negative: - Do not rush into any work, first have a proper discussion about all its levels.  Young people do not fall into love affairs and make any compromises with their studies and career.

 Business: - Don't invest in an environment like stock market and recession.

 Love: - Family members can have full cooperation in your troubles.

 Health: - There is a possibility of any kind of injury.


 Positive: - Focus on your tasks instead of distractions.  The time is right, make the most of it.  The atmosphere of the house will be well maintained.  Going to a religious ceremony in the neighborhood will meet people.

 Negative: - At any time your mind can be distracted by small things.  It is important to control your mood, as your troubles will have a negative effect on your family members as well.

 Occupation: - Occupation associated with female class will be successful.

 Love: - The relationship with the spouse will be emotional.

 Health: - It is important to keep your diet and routine in moderation to get relief from stomach related problems.

 Girls: -

 Positive: - Today, issues related to inherited property or will can be resolved, keep striving for it.  Also pay attention to completing your personal tasks.  The timing is right and you can be sure of success.

 Negative: - Negative behavior can only disappoint you with a close relative.  Keep every one of your plans a secret.  Otherwise one can take advantage of it.  Be careful when dealing with money.

 Occupation: - Your presence is required in all activities without relying too much on employees in the workplace.

 Love: - Husband and wife will maintain a pleasant home environment through coordination.

 Health: - Being overworked can lead to stress and anger.

 Libra: -

 Positive: You will spend most of your time looking after and supervising the well-being of your home and family.  You will be honored for your outstanding contribution to a social activity.

 Negative: - Narrowness in your thoughts can make a few people bother you, so maintain flexibility in your behavior and thoughts over time.  Use the right words when interacting with people

 Business: - Business activities will continue to run smoothly.

 Love: - The family atmosphere will be pleasant.

 Health: - Allergies and coughs can occur due to the change of seasons.

 Scorpio: -

 Positive: - Today, work with the mind instead of the heart.  You can only hurt yourself by getting emotional.  There will be some plans for the future of the children and some investment work can be done.

 Negative: - A common dispute can occur with a close relative.  Which will also have an effect on family relationships.  It is important to think about all the levels before committing any dangerous act.

 Business: - The working environment can be in your favor.

 Love: - Proper coordination between family and business will be maintained.

 Health: - Running can cause fatigue and headaches.

 Dhan: -

 Positive: - Today you will experience happiness in doing any work of your interest.  Your cooperation in solving any problem of children will also be positive.  You will be successful in buying or selling a property.

 Negative: - Don't let laziness dominate you as it may stop your important work.  Costs can be higher in the wrong activities.  Do not lend money to anyone at this time.

 Occupation: - The situation is favorable.

 Love: Don't let any outsider interfere with your home-family.

 Health: - There may be pain and tension in the veins.

 Capricorn: -

 Positive: - If a home-family plan is being developed, the time is right to take any action on it.  Young people may get some good news regarding their career.

 Negative: - Your negligence can disrupt a few tasks.  Outline it before doing any work at this time.  Prioritize important work.

 Business: - Business activities need more attention.

 Love: - Family atmosphere can be happy.

 Health: - Keep your daily routine and eating in order to get relief from constipation, gas etc.

 Aquarius: -

 Positive: - The problem related to the tasks that have been bothering you for the last few times can be solved.  There will be an opportunity to go to a ceremony, a meeting with an important person will be beneficial for you.

 Negative: - A friend's advice may prove to be wrong for you, so it is important to trust your efficiency instead of other people's.  Expenses will be higher than income.  In difficult times one can get money from somewhere.

 Occupation: - An important agreement can be obtained from the contact person or the media.

 Love: - Husband-wife relationship can be close.

 Health: - Excessive work can lead to physical and mental fatigue.

 Mean: -

 Positive: - You will have a special contribution in the work related to service in a religious organization.  The financial situation can be better if the payment comes from somewhere.  Social boundaries will also increase and you will be engaged in a variety of activities.

 Negative: - Trusting other people can cause you trouble.  So be careful.  In case of any kind of indecision, it will be beneficial for you to seek the advice of experienced and elders of the family.

 Business: Foreign trade can be revived.

 Love: - Family atmosphere can be pleasant.

 Health: People with high blood pressure should take special care.

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