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Monday, 12 April 2021

How to read a deleted message

 You can also read deleted WhatsApp messages, find out how

You can also do two interesting things through WhatsApp. Learn about them

New Delhi (JNN).  Leading social messaging app WhatsApp has recently released a new feature called Message Recall or 'Delete for Everyone'.  With the help of this feature, users can recall the message sent by mistake.  Even if the receiver reads the message sent from you, it can be deleted with the help of this feature.  But did you know that you can also read deleted messages from WhatsApp?  We are going to tell you how to read deleted messages in this news.

How to read a deleted message:

In addition, there are some apps that can come in handy.  We are going to tell you about Primo app through which you can chat with anyone without revealing your real number if you want.  While chatting, the person in front will see your number but that number will not be yours.

 ATMમાંથી અનોખી ચોરીનો VIDEO વાઇરલ:ગ્રાહકોના ખાતામાંથી પૈસા કપાયા, પરંતુ રોકડા નીકળ્યા નહીં; મશીન સાથે છેડછાડ કરતો ચોર CCTVમાં કેદ

 Learn step by step method:

Let me tell you that apart from smartphones, if you want to do typing on Windows 10, we are also going to tell you how. For this you have to follow the steps given below.

 1- For this, Windows 10 users have to go to start and go to settings.

 2- Next you have to click on time and language settings.

 3- Next click on Region and language. Then click on Add language.

 4- Here you will be given some options. From this you have to select Hindi.

 5- After this, click on the place where Hindi will be written below English.

 6- Here you will be given the option of option name, click on it.

 7- Then click on Add keyboard and click on Hindi India Devnagri inscript.

 8- Just now you will be able to type in Hindi in your computer. Whenever you meet Ms. If you go to Word, you have to press Shift + Alt. This will change the language of the keyboard from English to Hindi. Let me tell you that you can add any language other than Hindi in Windows 

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