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Monday 12 April 2021

Make a recording caller mic like this which is available in the market for Rs. 500 at home for only Rs. 40

 Imagine you are talking to someone, recording a song or hosting a show and in that case you cannot hear the sound clearly due to external noise.  At that time you would think that you wish you had a mic that you can use to do your job easily without any stop.  In that case you can use the caller mic.  These collar mics are available in the market at a price of Rs 300 to Rs 500.  According to a report published in Dainik Bhaskar, you can make it at home for just Rs 40.  So let’s know how you can make a caller mic at home?

 First of all you must have a soldering machine.  If you do not have a machine, you will have to spend an extra Rs 150 for it.  In addition you will need the following things ...


 The first thing is the audio cable PIN which will be available at Rs.  The second button mic which is priced at Rs.  The third tape which will be available at Rs.  Fourth, the reel box that will be available at your home.  This is followed by a small piece of velvet cloth.  You will also need a soldering machine.  After this a cutter will be needed.

 How to make a caller mic?

 1. To do this, cut a piece of reel from the top and fit the mic in it.

 2. Now cut the audio cable in the second step.  To connect the red wire above the negative point in the three wires coming out of the audio cable, you have to use a soldering machine.

 3. Now make three marks on the negative pole.

 4. Now connect the green and blue wire to the second pole of the mic.  This is called a positive pole.  Now your mic is ready.

 5. Now put the mic you made in the phone and check it.  After applying it, you will see the recording in the phone.

 6. So let us tell you the next steps.  Now pack the made mic.  For this, fix it as you fixed it in the reel box earlier.  Keep 90 percent of it inside.

 7. Now wrap the part inside the mic with cello tape and wrap it with a piece of velvet already placed on top of it and tie it with thread.  Velvet helps prevent fumbles.

 8. Now cut off the remaining extra velvet pieces around the mic.  Then add the clip to it.  After which your cheap caller mic will be ready.

 9. After connecting to the phone, you will also be able to do recording with this mic.

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