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Saturday, 26 December 2020

Income Tax return verification can be done through ATM; There are only 7 days left

Finance / Income Tax return verification can be done through ATM;  There are only 7 days left
 There are only 7 days left to file an income tax return.  It is advisable not to wait until the last minute.
 By filing an income tax return on time you will get peace of mind and you will finally get rid of the queue of excess people.

 The most important part for people filing their annual income tax returns is the post-filing process verification.

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 This can make the process of e-verification much easier.  The Income Tax Department has released a new e-filing system.  Online verification can be done easily in this process.  This process can be done through Aadhaar number, internet banking, ATM or email.

 Verification of income tax return can be done through bank ATM in this way

 Visit the nearest ATM branch to verify your income tax return

 Enter your ATM card and enter your PIN

 Click on the Pin for e-filing option that appears

 Clicking on it will generate a code which will come to your registered mobile as SMS

 This code will be valid for 72 hours
 Now visit the Income Tax Department website

 Click on My Account

 Click on e-Verification and enter your code

 Doing so will complete your e-verification
 It may be noted that due to Corona, the date for filing income tax returns has been extended to 31 December.

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