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Sunday 20 December 2020

Learn Online Self Defense Training Online Registration and fill declaration form all in one.

Learn Online Self Defense Training Online Registration and fill declaration form all in one.

Learn Online Self Defense Training Online Registration and fill declaration form all in one.

Functional Test - As per the current system of sample evaluation, now the teachers of Surat district have evaluated these activities in groups and completed the missing links.  The process has been coordinated to ask in the test after the three facet activities viz. Oral, written and functional are listed.  That is, the child's omnipresent representative abilities were selected.  

The concept of evaluation has been implemented.  A functional test was prepared by arranging orally, written and in order the logical education and training buildings to the selected representative capacity of the district.  Composition of functional question papers and training of teachers in this regard.  1 to 7 is assigned the responsibility of giving the active clauses.  

District Education and Training Bhavan Surat and Bhavnagar came to the fore in order to prepare a functional test in a logical order.  The main details of the two functional training camps were as follows: In both the workshops held at Surat and Bhavnagar, the teachers of Bhavnagar district gave lectures to the teachers of District Education and Training Bhavan.  The functional test is designed to be listed.  Which is presented here.  Functional test question paper.  

 Subject: Samajvidha Standard: 6 5 Marks: 25 Question: 1 (a) The teacher will show some different pictures like below.  Out of which the child will identify his favorite 10 1.6.5 picture and speak two or three sentences about it.  

(1) Raja Bhoj (2) Hemchandracharya (3) Siddharraj Jaysingh (4) Shankaracharya (5) Ramanujacharya (6) Sant Gyaneshwar (7) Kabir (8) Guru Nanak (9) Chhatrapati Shivaji (10) Rani Ahalyabai, (b)  Present any one of the following characters with acting (coming in the lesson) dialogue: (1) Maharana Pratap (2) Guru Gobind Singh (3) Veer Durgadas (4) Akbar (5) Amir Khushro (6) Ram Shastri.  Question: 2 Any one of the following characters speaks five sentences about “if I am ...”;  


 (1) General Secretary (2) Sarpanch (3) Teacher (4) Doctor (5) Patawalo.  Question: પ્રમાણે According to the different planets of the solar system, the character is selected from the student and with the acting he gives 3.6.8 information about that planet?  Sun, Moon, Jupiter, Earth, Mercury, Venus, Saturn, Uranus, Natun, Luto.  Question 4: The teacher should call the student personally and ask him to find the following details from the map?  


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 (showing map of Asia continent.), (1) countries of Asia continent (2) oceans of Asia continent (3) mountains of Asia continent.  Subject: Gujarati Std: 6 to give a favorite poem or song to the student.  1.6.1.  , Multiplication by considering the presentation of the poem, the style of singing, asking the essence of the poem, asking questions based on the poem or song etc.  5 marks: 25 5


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