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Friday 25 December 2020


Dat.  Implemented with the resolution of 16/10/18.  In order to facilitate the administrative implementation of the amendments made from time to time under the present scheme, instructions have been issued with the resolution of Order (1) and Order (2) taken in the reading.  Due to the lockdown currently being implemented across the country under the Covid-12 epidemic, which has caused difficulties in the transportation and hospitality sector, some employees of the state government under the Holiday Travel Relief / Hometown Travel Relief Scheme last block year 2016-17 which is automatically extended by one year  Ta.  Completed on 31/12/2050, can't take advantage of it.  The issue of extension of Sadarhu term was under consideration of the Government.  In addition, there is a shortage in the business world due to the current Corona epidemic lockdown.  In view of this, with the objective of increasing the purchasing power of the people and boosting the economy of the state accordingly, the matter of announcing a special cash package scheme in lieu of holiday travel relief / home travel scheme was under consideration of the Government.  

Subject to the provisions of the resolution of cum (1) and (2) taken up in the above reading at the end of adult consideration in respect of both the above matters, it is decided as follows.  Under Holiday Travel Relief / Hometown Travel Relief Scheme last block year 2017-18 which is automatically extended for one year and its term is Dt.  Completed on 31/12/2050 with an extension of 3 (three) months, dt.  Extended to 31/3/2071.  In case of employees who have been deprived of the benefit of last block year 2017-18 under Holiday Travel Relief, Homeland Travel Relief Scheme and employees who are currently in service, option to actually travel in Holiday Travel Relief / Homeland Travel Relief Scheme special cash package subject to the following conditions.  The plan is announced.  Employees who have availed the benefit of block year 2017-18 will not be eligible for the benefit of this special cash package scheme.

 This scheme will not be applicable for block year 2020-6.  .  Holiday travel relief advance will not be available under special cash package scheme.  In case of employees wishing to avail the benefit of Special Cash Package Scheme, the amount of leave received by the employee as per the rules under Holiday Travel Relief / Homecoming Travel Relief Scheme should be taken into account only if the amount of leave converted into cash is spent or more.  The above holidays will have to be taken into account in converting the leave into cash under the LTC.  The fare of the proposed holiday travel relief under this scheme has to be approved as given below.  2, Officer / Employee Level Symbol Jani's Moment 

.  For conversion of leave into cash and eligibility for the proposed rental amount, the employee may have obtained the service from a GST registered trader / service provider in purchasing any item not less than 15% GST rate and the refund may have been made through digital means as well.  Considering the GST number and the currency showing the amount of Ukwell GST obtained, (1) the amount of the holiday will be converted into cash and (2) three times the amount of the proposed rent.  .  Payment of the amount due to the employee shall be payable within the limits of the total amount of the above package (conversion of leave receivable for LTC into cash and suggested rent) or the expenses as shown in the accompanying Appendix-A example.  In the case of an employee who is entitled to a special cash package without availing the benefit of converting the holiday into cash, the amount will be recoverable within the limits as per Appendix-B attached hereto.  

6, taking into account the amount of holiday cash payable to the employee (A) as shown in the example as per Appendix-A under the Sadarhu scheme, as well as the proposed rental amount (B) payable to him,  If three times the proposed rental amount (3xB) is spent, the maximum amount under the above package scheme i.e. the amount of holiday cash conversion (A) and the amount of the proposed rentable receivable (B) will be recoverable. 

 10.  In case the holiday is spent less than the amount of cash conversion (A) and three times the proposed rentable amount (3XB) receivable, the amount will be recoverable on the basis of proportion as per the accompanying example (Appendix-A).  Benefit of Sadarhu Package Scheme  It has to be taken by 31/7/2071 and claims regarding this matter are possible.  It remains to be seen whether it will be offset by 31/7/2021.  13.  Under the existing rules, TDS is applicable in case of conversion of leave into cash.  

In view of the fact that under the Sadarhu Package Scheme it is prescribed to reimburse the LTC fare instead of the actual actual travel, the amount of Sadarhu holiday cash conversion will not be taken into account for income tax purposes and TDS will not be deducted while reimbursing the proposed LTC fare.  In order to avail the benefits of the above package, the employee has to take advantage of both the holiday cash conversion and LTC fare and only then the benefit of this package will be available. 

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