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Wednesday, 30 December 2020


Taluka Primary Education Officer's Office At, Varahi Ta. Santalpur Per Head Teacher Shri 28/12 | 2020 (All) Pvt. School Ta: - Santalpur Dist.  Salary Center School, Ta: Santalpur) Subject: - Considering job in a row Matter of sending application for higher salary standard.  Teachers who have received the job order will have to prepare a proposal for higher pay scale and submit it to their pay center school in total 07 (four) copies in day-07.  The following supporting evidence is requested to be submitted along with (1) Check List (2 Proposals (from DE to Teacher Lautrin). 

() Copy of Appointment Order and Present Report (2) Copy of Full Pay Order ()  Hook the pay commission in the seventh  Copy of Money (6) Copy of Consecutive Job Certificate 9 Certified Copy of Certificate Passed Certificate (Notification and Marksheet) (8) Certified Copy of Hindi Subject Passed Mark Sheet Certified Copy of Hindi Liberation Order (9) Departmental Investigation  School Certificate (10) Deduction ws.  School Certificate of Sa Bhogwel Matter If the job has been done in the school more than check, all the Governments should have 

(1) Private report of last five years (to include the previous five years on the date and year of completion of nine years)

 (1) Annual increment calculation sheet (Lie -  Write down the details of the increase till 2020) Important Note: (1) The proposal should be submitted in total -00 copies at Pekendra.  With all the supporting evidence mentioned above)

 (2) Pekendra School will have to collect the information of the teachers year by year in Exel sheet and send the soft copy to the office here.  All the information should be written in Shruti foot as well as statistical information in Aial foot.  

(3) The additional form shall be attached to the proposal along with the teacher filling the separate form. 

 (4) In all the proposals made at the school level, the proposal along with the supporting evidence mentioned above must be completed and sent to the Center.  ACM Refina Santalpur, At. Varahi

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