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Thursday 17 December 2020

Use TECH MASALA / Google MAPS this way even where there is no internet

Use TECH MASALA / Google MAPS this way even where there is no internet
 In the world of technology, we don't have to ask anyone for directions if we want to go to an unfamiliar place with the advent of mobile, as Google Maps is helping people reach their destination.  Now if you want to know how to use Google Maps where there is no internet see Tech Masala

A map is a picture of a geographical area - one that depicts the relationship between objects, spheres, and tunes in that place.

 Many maps are geometrically accurate (or close to a certain) static two-dimensional representation of three-dimensional space, while some others are also functional or interactive and three-dimensional.  Although maps are often used to represent a geographical picture, they can be used to represent any space, real or imagined, without reference or measurement.  E.g.  Brain mapping, DNA mapping and extraterrestrial mapping.

 Geographic maps
 17th century celestial maps by Dutch cartographer Friedrich de Witt

 Cartography is a study of the earth on a flat surface (see History of Cartoons) and the process of making a map is called a cartographer

 Road maps are probably the most used maps today.  It also forms a subgroup of navigation maps which includes aeronautical and nautical charts, railroad network maps and hiking and cycling maps.  In terms of quantity, the largest number of maps have been made by local surveys, corrections, facility providers, tax assessors, emergency service providers and other local organizations.  Many national surveys have been conducted by the Project Army.  For example, the British Ordnance Surveys (now a civilian government agency that has received international acclaim for its detailed study).

 In addition to obtaining location information, the map is also used to show contour lines showing the constant value of elevation, topography, temperature, precipitation, etc.

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