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Tuesday 26 January 2021

Every Couple Make Your Bedroom Love Life Stronger With These Tips

 Every Couple Make Your Bedroom Love Life Stronger With These Tips

Every couple should adopt some feng shui tips to make their love life more exciting which can make you stronger. These tips According to feng shui, positive and negative energy is generated around us.  And this affects every aspect of life. Then this energy affects mutual love.  Feng shui enhances positive energy by neutralizing negative energy.  Learn feng shui tips ..

According to feng shui, married couples should not have a TV in their bedroom.  And in these modern times, TV and other devices have reduced the distance between people, reduced communication between them. According to feng shui, husband and wife should sleep on pillows.  Even if there is a double bed, a full mattress should be kept.  Two pillows should never be used for the future of a married couple

Couples should not put pictures of river, lake, waterfall etc. in the bedroom and besides, should not have any fountain or aquarium in the bedroom.  If you feel thirsty at night, keep a single bottle of water in the room.  Therefore, photographs or sculptures of paired birds should be kept in the house.

 Your bed should never be placed in front of a window.  This creates tension in the relationship.  If this is not possible, then a curtain should be placed between your head and the window.  In doing so, the negative energy will have no effect on the relationship.  Don't use such things at all,

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