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Sunday 10 January 2021

GSEB APP For student

GSEB APP For student

And the music also sees the favorite hobby, in five standards, now playing big girls in the school in Porbandar. From this, who will be the mind to play with him, who is going to play a small girl? A girl in the playing mute a girl. Calling the drying '. Rises have been completed, no big girl can not be out of quality! 

Then it has the cesses to take into the squad), the car or so that the quantity was scheduled that the second team wins the team! . But Jinn Tadpataram, where was in the Nhantuttha Nhantuttha Nhantha Knaman, that he was in his disinfection, ' There is a trust in the midst of the midst of the sake of taking care of the arrangement. D. (19:33). Mae sq, after sixteen years. In 1949, he started preparing for the admission test to 4 A e-able to be in Rajkot Barton Tanning College. 

In Danad: Bapu Kekh Nuli. Go on the responsibility of the family. Making me learning. Your big advice is not groom. '' 'Ray rose! Sehrani Shaan in it ** 'Where do you like it? Marn me! Beck was so much that I was not going to study. You taught me by taking an emotive and my life made my life. "If you do not do this, the kicks of the tunal finish in the eyes of the globe! Gestanties live in the chit in children's chops and the people of the children. 

They take the first standard to teach the weak class in the mind, than not to prepare it, not even bringing the result, siddellown, picture, industry and honey - activity help them win the mind of big girls .., Nauraj Koyidas has a decade (195 Now they arranged as assistant teachers in the Chorician. Here they are employed sixteen years 1961-77), more true, shining with shilinity. At the same day they were present in this school, vigorous education - said inspector. "Sister, like this earlier school is doing about this school you have to improve, either? 'Saheb, will take time, need to be improved. 

It woke up to Valley Rera Diva nine da, to stabilize the school's hatred position. Narmada asked, "Where's the sister 'Porbandar. Rasia are. When '' ", Kon, Garasia's guerran, the Vedanasha, is a regularly accountable accounts. Is from college. The diagonal, leaving me for the first time of leaving. They were coming to them with the influential humility, with all of them:


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