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Wednesday 13 January 2021

Htat rules and regulations declared

The Gujarat government had announced yesterday to start Std. 10 and 12 classes from January 11. However, preparations have been started by the school administrators in Vadodara.

School colleges in the state will start from January 11
Vadodara school administrators are preparing
Schools will start classes in compliance with the government’s new SOP
Preparations have been started by Vadodara school administrators after the announcement of the government to start Std. 10 and 12 classes from January 11. School classes will be started in compliance with the new SOP of the government.

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School administrators are planning to seat students in a zig zag or spiral shape. Along with this, facilities like sanitizer and mask are being provided in the school. The consent of the parents will also be sought for the students to come along with this.

Parents are giving consent to go to school

Classes in standard 10 and 12 schools are showing a desire to come to school in front of students after the government’s announcement to start from January 11. Along with this parents are also giving permission to go to school.

It is being stated by the students that it is not possible to go to school in Std-12 Science and take the exam without practical. There have been several disruptions to online studies. Students are discreet enough to follow Corona’s guideline. Many students justified the government’s decision.

Students, including school administrators and parents, are welcoming the government’s decision to start schools in Gujarat from January 11. Cleaning has been carried out before starting schools in Ahmedabad. While school administrators and teachers are ready to welcome students. Class 10 and 12 will start from January 11.

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