The number of customer care scams with internet users in India has increased a lot. That way whenever we need a company’s customer care number, we search on Google. Then dial them in and use them.

TeamViewer QuickSupport: This is a common application. It is used by IT managers to control phones and PCs. This is a very useful tool. If you do not know how to use this application, then it is suggested that you do not download it. This is the most common one you have used by scammers. This allows scammers to obtain users’ bank details and OTPs.
Microsoft Remote desktop: This application allows users to remotely connect to PC or virtual applications. It is also a very useful application and works just like TeamViewer QuickSupport. This tool is also very useful for hackers if users do not know how to use this app or how remote applications work.

AnyDesk Remote Control: This app is used by business users. This gives access to the desktop. But this is a useful app for scammers to get user information. Hackers force users to download this app. Don’t download this app if you don’t know how to use it.

AirDroid: This is an app that can be used in Android phones. It is advisable for people not to download this app if you do not know how to use