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Wednesday 6 January 2021

Online Calculator For Education Loan EMi and Interst

Online Calculator For Education Loan EMi and Interst

What is an education loan?

An education loan refers to the amount of credit borrowed for the sole purpose of higher education or higher education related expenses after secondary education. Education loans can be obtained from the government or through private sector lending sources.

What is Education Loan EMI?

Equal Monthly Installment (EMI) is a method of paying the principal amount and loan interest on a fixed monthly basis until the loan is fully repaid. Each EMI payment includes both the principal loan amount and the interest charged. The loan amount and selection period cannot be decided without factoring in EMI. In case of education loan, the limit of one bank may vary from one bank to another. Payment by the student usually starts after the completion of the course, for which each bank has its own criteria regarding the concessions provided.

What is Education Loan EMI Calculator?

Education loans help you get the financial support you need to complete your education in India or abroad. The Education Loan EMI Calculator lets you report loan installments that need to be paid quickly and easily at regular intervals. It enables you to evaluate the total outflow in terms of loan.

How can EMI calculations be helpful?

The EMI calculation gives a clear assessment of the amount that has to be set aside to pay the EMI. Which enables you to make an informed decision about loan outflow every month. So, knowing the amount of EMI helps you properly plan the cost of paying for your education, while knowing how much you need to keep for it on a monthly basis.

Benefits of EMI loan checking

  • Affordable assessment of loan
  • Determining the amount and duration of the loan
  • Plan a loan repayment
  • Pre-payment planning
  • Benefits of education loans

Education loans can be beneficial in a variety of ways. like

  • Covers tuition fees, hostel, book expenses.
  • Banks usually offer loans up to 90%.
  • There is an interest benefit in income tax deductions.
  • Payment begins after the course is completed.
  • Payment has to start after the extra time given after the completion of the course in the moratorium period. Which gives the student enough time to work on the right options and ways for him.
  • Timely payments have a positive effect on the credit score. Which helps in getting a loan in the future.




Benefits of using the Education Loan EMI Calculator

Quick Results – Applicants can easily use the this calculator to calculate the EMIs that they're going to be susceptible to buy the pre-determined tenure and rate of interest that the education loans are offered, in mere seconds.

Simplicity – The calculations using this EMI calculator are supported the applicant providing three key bits of data i.e. the principal amount of the loan, the applicable rate of interest and therefore the loan tenure.

Varying Combinations – With the tutorial loan EMI calculator, you'll easily input different interest rates and tenures to seem for a mixture which will allow you to simply repay the principal amount, without putting undue pressure on your finances.

Free Usage – The Paisabazaar’s education loan EMI calculator may be a user friendly education loan calculator that's available to everyone freed from charge and is straightforward to use.


How to Use the Education Loan EMI Calculator?

The interface of the Paisabazaar’s education loan EMI calculator has been designed to supply utmost efficiency with maximum simplicity. This EMI calculator is user friendly, saves time and is very scalable. To calculate EMI for your education loan, you only got to enter the subsequent details:

The principal amount of the loan – within the first section of the education loan EMI calculator, you would like to update the entire loan amount that you simply wish to use for in case of your education loan.

The applicable rate of interest – within the second section, you would like to enter the rate of interest that's applicable to your educational loan.

The tenure of the loan – Similar to the previous steps, you need to enter the tenure that you would wish to choose for your education loan to get the EMI amount payable by you.

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