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Wednesday 29 September 2021

Rose Hurricane Live || गुलाब तूफान लाइव ગુલાબ વાવાઝોડું લાઇવ ||

 Impact of 'Rose' hurricane: Heavy rains lash Bhavnagar from late evening, power outages in many areas, no casualties

Lightning struck Radheshyam Flat near Panchvati Chowk in Subhashnagar

 The downpour started after a hurricane with strong winds late in the evening

 Two inches of rain lashed the city in 1 hour at night with stormy winds and thunderstorms

 The city was flooded in the foothills: Vijli Dool, 2 in Mahuva, 1.5 inches in Ghogha, 1 inch in Palitana, Valabhipur.

The weather in Bhavnagar city changed abruptly after 8.30 pm tonight and torrential rains lashed the city after a thunderstorm started in the city under cyclonic circulation.  In just over an hour, the city was inundated with gusts of wind and lightning and two inches of rain.  On the other hand, motorists and pedestrians on the road were very upset when the power went out at night.

The rains exposed the flaws in disaster management.  The power supply was disrupted till midnight in half of the city and there were huge potholes in the roads.  In Bhavnagar city, 2 inches of rain fell in just over an hour like a mini hurricane with strong winds.  The city of Bhavnagar did not receive any rain during the day like on Sunday but the weather changed after 8.30 pm and two inches of rain fell in Supadadhar.

Why the continuous rain in September?

 Changes in the monthly pattern of rainfall are observed due to changes in low pressure.  This time it came to Gujarat in September as a low pressure system which has resulted in good rains this month.

 Rivers flowed through the city streets ...

 With two inches of rain falling tonight, the city's small streets were flooded like rivers without adequate drainage and low-lying areas including Railway Station Road, Lokhand Bazar, Kanbiwad, Mama Kotha Road, Anandnagar, Khedutwas.  Stayed up all night.  In the society area, some houses were flooded.

 Two days of heavy rain forecast

 Cyclone Gulab weakened two days ago off the coast of Orissa.  However, the meteorological department has forecast heavy to very heavy rains in some parts of Maharashtra, Gujarat and Rajasthan due to the cyclone.

વીજળીનો લાઇવ નજારો જોવો અહીંયા

ભાવનગરમાં વીજળીનો લાઇવ નજારો જોવો અહીંયા

 The meteorological department has forecast two days of heavy rains in Bhavnagar district on September 29 and 30, Wednesday and Thursday.  The water flowed like rivers in the small streets of the city where there was not enough outflow and the low lying areas including Railway Station Road, Lokhand Bazar, Kanbiwad, Mama Kotha Road, Anandnagar, Khedutwas were flooded till late at night.  In the society area, some houses were flooded.

ગુજરાતીમા વાચવા માટે અહીંયા ક્લિક કરો

Large potholes have been created in new roads in the city, which have been flooded with rainwater, with no power supply, making it difficult for vehicles and pedestrians to walk for an hour between 8.45 pm and 9.45 pm.  Today's 55 mm.  The total rainfall in the city this season with rainfall is 792 mm.  Is done.  The total rainfall for the season is 110 per cent of 720 mm.  Now more rain is proving more harmful than beneficial for the city.

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