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Thursday 16 March 2023

Whether India is on the right track in Modi's leadership,

 BJP MP Varun Gandhi has clearly declined the invitation to give a speech at Oxford University. In a reply written to Oxford University, he has said that it is not appropriate to share the internal affairs and topics of the country on the international platform. Varun Gandhi was requested to participate in a debate organized at Oxford University on 'Is India on the right track under Prime Minister Narendra Modi'?

Varun has said that every living democracy gives its citizens the freedom and opportunity to engage with issues. But there seems to be no ability or integrity to face local challenges on the international stage and such a move would be a shame. He said that it is not appropriate to talk about the country on foreign soil. He said that India is on the right path of development and inclusiveness.

Varun turned down the invitation to Oxford

Translate : It is not appropriate to talk about the country. He said that India is on the right foot of development and inclusiveness. AA

A source said that Varun, who has been vocal against the government's policies in recent times, declined the invitation because the Oxford Union wanted him to speak against the motion saying that 'this House believes that Modi's India is on the right track'. In fact, the invitation coincidentally comes at a time when the debate is heating up over the recent comments made by his cousin and Congress leader Rahul Gandhi during his visit to London.

ગુજરાતી વાચવા માટે અહી ક્લિક કરો

The ruling party termed Rahul's remarks as insulting to Indian democracy. The invitation for the proposed debate between April and June was sent to the BJP MP on behalf of the association's president, Matthew Dick.

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