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Tuesday 25 July 2023

અંબાલાલ પટેલ ની ભુક્કા કાઢીનાંખે તેવી આગાહી સક્રિય થઇ એક નવી સિસ્ટમ ગુજરાતને કરી દેશે તહેશ મહેશ જુઓ અહીં ક્લિક કરીને || Gujarat Weather Forecast

 Gujarat Weather Forecast:- Weather expert Ambalal Patel had predicted that this time the monsoon will be of a different type even before the onset of monsoon.  So far, the chances of having a very different type of monsoon than the one that is seen every year have been seen.  Monsoon arrived late and all over Gujarat was under monsoon on 27th June.

However, the state has received more than expected rainfall so far in the season.  Heavy rains lashed Gujarat in the cyclone and in the same period there was a thunderous entry of monsoon.  Now, Meghraja has been patient after calling the third phase, but once again the low-pressure area formed in the Bay of Bengal is moving towards Gujarat and the chances are being expressed that it will give a call very soon.

Ambalal Patel says that instead of the light air pressure that should be over Rajasthan and Pakistan, the air pressure will also be over Gujarat and Bay of Bengal and this will bring rain immediately, along with the conversion.  They are describing this type of monsoon as new and strange.

 Meteorologist Ambalal said that the convection formed in the Bay of Bengal will give rain to different parts of the country including Gujarat.  Along with this, there will also be moisture from the Arabian Sea and by July 30, there are chances of derailing many parts of the country including Gujarat.

He has expressed the possibility of another spell of rain on 27th as well, which may bring rain to various parts of Gujarat.  Heavy rain may occur during 2nd to 4th of August.  This rain will increase the water level of Tapi river.  Heavy rain may also occur in parts of North Gujarat.  There will be chances of rain in different parts of Saurashtra.  Along with this, there may be rain in parts of Kutch.

 Due to the special situation that is happening in the month of August, a deep depression can be created in the sea.  Cyclones occur less frequently in monsoons.  Ambalal Patel's prediction suggests that the monsoon may last longer in Gujarat.  He has hinted at some reversals and possibilities even after August.

Notably, Ambalal Patel is now well-known as a weather expert and his predictions are followed by farmers as well.  Apart from this, farmers often try to get information about weather and other matters including sowing.  He has also said that he is getting calls from farmers.

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