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Tuesday 5 January 2021


From January 15 to 2 months in Ahmedabad, 8 lakh corona vaccination campaign, health workers, corona warriors, over 50 will be vaccinated in three phases, everything you want to know about vaccination

The co-vaccine is likely to be launched at the Serum Institute for Corona in Ahmedabad from January 15.  In the first phase 55 thousand health workers will be vaccinated in the second phase 55 thousand Corona Warriors and in the third phase people above 50 years of age and those under 50 years of age who are co-morbid will be vaccinated.  A total of 8 lakh people will be given two doses of the vaccine in two months.
No registration, no vaccine
 It is planned to vaccinate about 30,000 people daily.  All these have been registered.  Anyone who is a health worker or Corona Warriors but does not register will not get the benefit of the vaccine.  The 4 schools of the muni located around each urban health center have been made centers for vaccination.  Vaccination will be given from 300 such centers from 9 am to 5 pm.  Vaccination centers have been set up at Sims Hospital and the Polio Healthcare Foundation on Science City Road.  However, vaccinations are provided only for their staff at both these centers.  Consideration is being given to open a vaccination center there if the Civil Hospital approves.
In case of side effects VS, SVP, LG will be admitted
 The whole process for vaccination is 50 minutes.  You have to sit in the observation room set up at the center for 30 minutes after the vaccination.  Adrenaline will be given if a person has a common side effect.  But if serious side effects appear, SVP, Shardabahn, LG and VS will be admitted to the hospital.  No one will be able to seek treatment in a private hospital after side effects.  According to the vaccination rule, if you do not arrive on the day and time you are called, you will not get a chance to be vaccinated again.
If there is a cold, cough or fever, the vaccination will be decided only after a medical examination
 The medical officer at the vaccination center will check your health.  If there is a cold, cough, fever, it will be decided whether to give the vaccine or not according to the medical advice.  5 thousand vaccines on each zone, 1 lakh doses will be stored at Arogya Bhavan.

 Everything you want to know

 Question: When can the vaccination program start in the city?
 Ans: Given the current preparations of the Municipal Corporation's Health Department, vaccination doses may be started from January 15.

Question: How do I get the corona vaccine?
 Ans: Registration has to be done at the site of the muni, at the Urban Health Center of the ward.  The city has 76 urban health centers in the city.  If a health worker has made such a registration at your home, there is no need to register separately.

 Question: Where and when do I have to go to get vaccinated?
 Ans: Each ward will have four or more vaccination centers.  The mobile number that you have written in the registration will send a message to which center you have to go for vaccination.

 Question: What evidence do I have to keep at the vaccination center?

Ans: The original photo ID which you have given at the time of registration has to be shown.

Question: How many doses of corona vaccine should be taken ?, How many days interval between doses?
 Ans: Two doses of vaccine will be given, second dose will be given 28 days after taking the first dose.

 Question: What to do if there are any side effects after vaccination?
 Ans: If any side effects occur within 30 minutes of vaccination, the medicine prescribed by the doctor will be given.  Shardabahn, LG, SVP or VS will be admitted to the hospital immediately if serious impact occurs.

 Question: Can I get a vaccine if I have had corona before?
 Answer: It has been decided to vaccinate all the people whose corona has died and a negative report has been received.
Question: Can I get the vaccine from a private hospital?
 Answer: No, the vaccine has to be taken from the vaccination centers decided by the muni.  Private hospitals will be able to vaccinate only the staff after the approval of the muni.

 Question: Who will be vaccinated first?
 Answer: In the first phase 55 thousand health workers of the muni., In the second phase 55 thousand frontline workers while in the third phase people above 50 years of age as well as co-morbid (other diseases) people below 50 years of age will be vaccinated.  Both of these are found in about 7 million people.

Question: Do I have to pay for the vaccine?
 Answer: No, the entire cost of the vaccination program is to be borne by the Government of India.  You don't have to pay.

 Question: How many vaccination centers will be set up in the city?
 Ans: There are a total of 76 urban health centers in 48 wards of the city.  Vaccination centers have been set up in 4 schools of the muni around each health center.  A total of 300 centers have been set up accordingly.  While so far in private the centers have been set up at the Sims and Polio Healthcare Foundation.  Civil will say there will also be a center.
After the injection the syringe hub will be cut and destroyed with the hub cutter
 Two vaccinator officers have been posted at each vaccination center.  Which will ensure the injection used in the vaccine is safe.  The officer will also make sure that a new pack of AD syringes is used in the injections used to vaccinate everyone.  Immediately after the injection, the hub of the AD syringe will be cut with a hub cutter and destroyed.


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