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Friday 22 January 2021


Self-learning is defined as a method of garnering information and after processing and retaining it without taking the help of another individual. It is the responsibility of the learner to learn and hold on to the knowledge without the help of another human resource. It is a modern way of learning that helps a person to teach himself skills and knowledge that will prove relevant to his daily activities. It has not replaced the instructional learning process that has been used traditionally instead has become an extra key that will open the doors of knowledge for everyone who is interested in acquiring it.


Process of self-learning-

Be clear in your objectives and goals

It is important for a self-learner to be clear in his mind about his objectives and goals. Remember he has to study and learn independently through intentional learning and thus he needs to be clear in his perception from the beginning. Start the process of self-learning by setting up result-oriented and smartly formulated objectives. Define the topics and what needs to be covered so that you can gather relevant information without wasting any time

Find a reliable source-

With the advent of the internet, you will find thousands of materials for any of the topics you want to pursue. Make sure that you have reached a reliable source that has credibility so that the information is correct and verified.

Allow yourself to be curious-

If you are curious then you will have to dig deep and this will uncover facts that will help you in your self-learning process. As per several medical journals, curiosity is a trait that makes life exciting and ultimately more productive.

Motivate yourself and make the subject interesting

Are you going through the process of self-learning only because you have to or are you seriously interested in that subject Remember disinterest will not take you far and hence motivate yourself early on if you want to attain your goal. You can learn only what you want to learn and hence make sure you have a viable reason to study.

Importance of self-learning-

Self-learning helps a person in understanding the basic concept of learning and it says that everyone has to learn by himself at the end of the day. As you go deeper you start exploring new horizons that might have been a taboo in traditional form of learning and this can open further doors. Actively pursuing your goals single-handedly gives the learner the necessary confidence to deal with the eventualities of life by any means. Self-learning helps you to find the ground under your feet. It prepares you for the future where you have to work alone to reach your goal. The resilience and the immunity that you gain here are the key tools that will take you further in life.


It is not time-bound and is dependent upon the person who wants to learn for whatever number of hours he feels like. It gives him the opportunity to set his own pace and remove frustration and boredom from the equation

Learning is without any restrictions

Self-learning is not subjected to location-constraint as an individual can make use of the learning process from anywhere he pleases. He does not need to travel at a particular place at a specific time and this works in his favor

It boosts the self-esteem of a person because he knows that he has learned everything on his own. It also helps him to keep digging until he knows all there is to know about the topic.

When you are part of the traditional learning process you have to adhere to the prescribed set of rules, books and even way of studying but self-learning gives you the freedom to choose your mode of learning


You do not have readymade material at your disposal and whatever you need will have to be acquired through additional effort on your part

You will have to verify your study materials whereas in traditional learning method these were already verified beforehand

Working with others help in brainstorming which is not possible during self-learning

Teamwork encourages open communication that is not seen during the process of self-learning

There is no face-to-face interaction during self-learning

The lack of transformational power is a serious limitation of self-learning

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