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Sunday 17 January 2021

Recruitment For Junior Clerk in RMC

Rajkot Mahanagar palika ma Junior cleak ni bharati jaherat

 Acharya Poo.  To save Khorde Khorda of Bhanubhai village.  How can I learn this?  ”Learn.  Parvati's face was sad when everyone, big or small, came across her in the village.  The pain of work or poverty is called by name. 

 After listening to Parvati, he says to me: "The grief of not being able to come to school on his own is that the child does not come to school. The teacher visited his house. He had to study. But he cannot study.  It was a pain to do so. I visited the child's house. I have been to the situation. Have you ever been to his house?  I was embarrassed to embarrass Parvati by raising her in class.

  I was worried about Parvati, but the corners of my eyes got wet remembering that situation.  She never went to his house.  I was confused as to what street to call his house.  I just had no idea.  Dialect: 'Your name is not missing.  Parvati did not speak at school when the season was over.  Ujaliyatna you come back to school.  

I must explain to you that he must have studied, he was hesitant to open his tongue among the boys.  I went to his house and said so much to his guardian before deleting his name. I saw his face.  He considered it appropriate to meet a pale face once.  Shone.  She was thrilled to find one of her street boys in a small recess one day who still had a chance to study for herself.  

I went home with my sister, Parvati.  What do I see as a thing that builds hope and gets kansar instead of thuli?  Was.  She turned red with resignation.  The house has a room.  The cook in one corner of the room had Gijubhai's story book in my hand.  I have it.  There is a cradle near the cook.  I gave him a small book in the cradle and he liked the stories very much.  Got the book, baby wriggles. 

Rajkot Mahanagar palika ma Junior cleak ni bharati jaherat 


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