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Sunday 17 January 2021

Investment and income of 20 thousand 10 lakh, plus 50 percent subsidy will be given by the government, cultivate

Agriculture / Investment and income of 20 thousand 10 lakh, plus 50 percent subsidy will be given by the government, cultivate
 The concept of a home-grown medicinal plant has grown rapidly in the current Corona epidemic and modern lifestyle.  So many people pay for such plots.  Bonsai plant trees in this medicinal category are becoming very popular.  Such trees are also considered good luck.
 Agriculture - Gayatri Joshi

 The government will help
 How much to invest (Business investment)
 What to pay attention to?
 Did you know that a bonsai plant can make a good living?  Today, people do not know how to earn money by cultivating Bonsai Plant.  All it takes is a little time and a little investment.  Bonsai plant is used by people in home decoration and is also used for good luck as well as in astrology and architecture.  And that is why now the Central Government itself (Modi Government) is giving special financial assistance for this farming.

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 Successful farmer

 Ajit Ojha of Jogia village in Govt.


 What's in Ajit Ojha's Garden

 Ajit Ojha has grown Bougainvillea, Pilkhan, Gultbrand, Bougainvillea and Ficus as Bonsai Plants.  They have also grown bonsai plants including juniper, pipalo, wadlo, chikudi, maple, peach.

 Successful farming in Madhya Pradesh


 SN Dwivedi, a retired MPEB officer from Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh, has started cultivating Bonsai Plant, a hobby he started after his retirement.  And he is considered as one of the successful farmers in Bonsai Plant.

 What to pay attention to?

 You can start this business with very little investment and you have to be patient as it takes about 2 to 5 years for a bonsai plant to be ready.  More importantly, you can sell the plant at a profit of 30 to 50 percent of what it costs to build.

 How much to invest (Business investment)

 This Bonsai Plant business costs you Rs.  Can start with a negligible amount like 20000.  And then you get reimbursed for careful supervision and how much time you can give.

 What is the cost of the plant
 This bonsai plant is used as a lucky plant, i.e. people choose to take this plant for decoration even at home and office.  Can range from 200 to 2500.

 Essential goods

 Clean water
 Sandy soil or sand
 Pot or glass pot
 100 to 150 square feet of space
 Clean pebbles or pieces of glass or marble, gravel
 Thin wire
 Spare bottle for spraying water on plants
 Branches to create shade
 The government will help

 The cost of each plant is 240 per year in 3 years with a subsidy of Rs. 120 per plant from the government.  It may be mentioned here that 50 per cent subsidy is given for the cultivation of bonsai plants in areas other than the North East.  Of this 50 per cent subsidy, 60 per cent comes from the central government and 40 per cent from the state government.  In the North East, 60 per cent of the subsidy is to be borne by the central government, 60 per cent by farmers and 40 per cent by farmers.

 Standard of profit
 Generally 1500 to 2500 plants can be grown in 1 hectare.  And in the space between 2 plants you can also plant another tree.  With this sowing you will get income up to 10 lakhs in 4 years.  If 2000 plants grow, if each plant sells for 500, you will get 1 lakh per hectare after four years.  Also, this plant does not require replantation every year.

 Bamboo cultivation

 Also, if you plant a bamboo tree, you get a lot of benefits as the bamboo is 40 years old and if you plant bamboo at a distance of 4 by 4, you can take another crop in between.  If you sell a bonsai plant from a bamboo tree, even if you count a plant for Rs.

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