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Sunday 17 January 2021

Turn off your work / mobile battery soon if you have these 3 settings

Turn off your work / mobile battery soon if you have these 3 settings

 It is important for us that the battery of the phone is full.  Sometimes at the wrong time our phone's battery drains and our much needed work stops.  We are out of work and our work stops because there is no battery.  Then people turn off the internet to save battery but there are some tricks that can prolong the life of your battery.
 Trick to save mobile battery
 Turning off three settings will make the battery last longer
 Turning on the battery saver option will be beneficial

 It often happens that we don't know and some apps are running in the background.  Without it, data is wasted and the battery is overused.  Uninstall such apps from your smartphone or force stop by going to settings.  Doing this setting will only drain the battery when you open it.

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 You have to go to the settings of the smartphone and there will be an option called Battery Usage and if you tap the option called View Detailed Data then you will know which app uses how much battery.

 The user can set their restrictions by going to each app.

 Other than that there is an easy way to save the battery that you turn on the battery saver.  This option is available to users.

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