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Monday 7 June 2021

This is the world's most expensive edible oil… price 22500 / liter… Learn how it is made?

 This is the world's most expensive edible oil… price 22500 / liter… Learn how it is made?

Nowadays, oil prices have skyrocketed everywhere. Everything from cooking oil to petrol in your car is expensive. But if we tell you about one of these, the most expensive oil in the world. Argan oil is the most special type of oil in the world and therefore it is the most expensive. Even more interesting is that 20 years ago no one knew argan oil so it was the cheapest. Then in two decades it happened that it became the most expensive oil.

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Over Dollars3 now 300 per liter

Currently, a liter of argan oil costs 300 300, which means that if you compare it to Indian rupees, you will get Rs 22,000 per liter. 20 years ago no one knew about it. It was built in a small village in Morocco and sold by the side of the road. It cost only 3 3 per liter. But then many women's organizations became aware of it and today argan oil has turned into a billion dollar industry. This oil is made by the women of the Moroccan tribe Amajig. The method of making this oil is still based on traditional methods.

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What is the use of argan oil

Argan oil is used to cook beauty products and traditional Moroccan dishes. This oil is made from the seeds of a fruit called argon. The fruit grows only in desert areas, such as Morocco, the Atlantic coast, and the Atlas Mountains. People from the Amazigh community in North Africa collect this fruit that has fallen from a tree. These people have been using this oil for the last several centuries and the method of its preparation has not changed.

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How oil is made

The fruit is first collected to make oil. When this fruit ripens, it falls down by itself and then it is collected. Raw argon is very green and Amajig never breaks it straight from the tree. They wait for the fruit to ripen and then collect it when it falls to the ground. The lined argon is brown in color. After collecting it is dried in the sun.

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When it dries, its hardened bark is then removed. After this, its seeds come in handy. Fruit picking is considered to be a very difficult process. According to Amajigh, who prepared it, not everyone will be able to break it. There is a special technique to break it, which only a few people know. For one liter of argan oil, 40 kg of fruit and 20 kg of seeds are required.

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This oil is also called red gold

After extracting the seeds, they are ground in an old grinder-like machine. This process can sometimes take up to two hours. However now it is also being done with the help of machines. The oil is extracted from the seeds in a very short time in the machine. Argan oil is the best quality oil and because of its price, it is also known as red gold. It takes a lot of time to prepare.

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Get the lowest salary

One liter of argan oil takes at least 24 hours to prepare. Now many cooperatives have started getting help in making this oil. Women who make argan oil earn less than 20 220. In Morocco this is the lowest salary that people engaged in this industry get. Today many leading cosmetic companies have started using argan oil.

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